NARRATIVE SELF: L’esperienza dell’ International Training on Psychopathology and Contemporary Disturbances, raccontata da Gianni Francesetti

L’esperienza dell’ International Training on Psychopathology and Contemporary Disturbances 

Last week we have concluded the second edition of the International Training on Psychopathology and Contemporany Disturbances.
A wide and deep experience of exploration of human suffering, emerging at the contact boundary where people from different cultures meet.
An experience where theory emerges from practice and practice from theory.
A way to look at the clinical and existential suffering from an aesthetic perspective: this requires to come back to our living bodies, to resensitize our senses at the contact boundary, and to be able to perceive the transformation of pain in beauty in the therapeutical encounter.
The fruits of this training is far more than what expected: we started it in order to support the growth of understanding psychopathology from a Gestalt therapy perspective, now we are seeing not only a development in our theory and practice, but also a meaningful step in building international networks and communities. Somebody is calling the development of this understanding of human suffering – from a phenomenological and gestaltic point of view – a ‘movement’: I think it is a movement since it provides both new understandings in clinical dimensions and support an experience of rootness and belonging in our ‘liquid and fragmented’ world.
A wonderful experience of providing home to the suffering and to the need of belonging!

Gianni Francesetti

(Trainer of Istituto di Gestalt Hcc Italy)

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