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The Istituto di Gestalt - H.C.C.   publishes two journals, the Italian "Quaderni di Gestalt" and the English language "Studies in Gestalt Therapy. Dialogical Bridges" . The Italian Journal started in 1985. It's aim is to research and contribute to the theoretical and clinical definition of Gestalt therapy. This effort and its consequences were so exciting for the directors of the Institute that, after meaningful contacts and exchanges with the international community of Gestalt therapists , in 1992 they decided to commit to it with the publication of an English language journal, "Studies in Gestalt Therapy", which came out to be a completely different journal from the Italian one. This English journal was edited till 1998. You can see all the 6 volumes in the site

In 2007, Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb together with Dan Bloom (the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy ) and Frank-M. Staemmler (Zentrum für Gestalttherapie, Würzburg) started a new venture. They founded the journal "Studies in Gestalt Therapy. Dialogical Bridges" . This journal is dedicated to exploring the development of gestalt therapy through dialogical bridges with other psychotherapeutic approaches.

These journals have been for the Institute an important tool both for scientific exchanges among colleagues and for proposing a hermeneutic method of development of our approach.

The Institute has also supported the publication in Italy of a few important Gestalt therapy books , so to allow the Italian colleagues to read them in their own language and possibly develop a critical mind towards Gestalt therapy literature. The institute has given rise also to many new Italian Gestalt therapy books, and some of them are now translated in other languages.


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