The Istituto di Gestalt H.C.C..



European Association for Gestalt Therapy





will take place in Stockholm (Sweden) 

from September 13 to 16, 2001

it is organized by the Gestalt Academy of Scandinavia

Västerlånggatan 53

SE - 111 29 Stockholm, Svezia

fax: +46-8 10 07 29



The Conference fee (440 euros by March 31, 500 euros after April 1st) includes everything except travelling and hotel.

You can find information about accommodation and the city of Stockholm in:

Stockholm's official tourist site:

City of Stockholm Information:

Swedish Tourism Associated:

Everything about royal Stockholm: 


The European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) was founded in 1985, with the aim of gathering European individual Gestalt therapists, Training Institutes and National Associations, of promoting Gestalt therapy in Europe, combining and exchanging knowledge and resources, fostering a high professional standard for Gestalt therapy and encouraging research. 200 members (mainly institutional but also individual) from 20 European Nations are actually part of this community.

The most traditional activity of the EAGT has been since the beginning the organization, every three years, of the European Conference for Gestalt Therapy.

It’s now a pleasure for me to welcome the 7th European Conference, organized this time by Swedish colleagues of the Gestalt Akademi of Stockholm. Having participated in all the previous ones, I can say that this Conference stands out for novelty in the style of organization (which is characterized by the spirit of a group) and for professionality, both at a scientifical level and in organizational terms. As President of the EAGT, I like to express gratitude and appreciation towards our Swedish colleagues (especially Barbro Curman) who very generously dedicated themselves to the creation of this new Conference.

I will now give you some news about the EAGT, in order to contextualize this Conference, which is already well known all over the world.

The EAGT functions through 3 main bodies, which are: the Executive Board (made of 5 members: the President, the Vice-president, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Public Relations Officer); the Extended Board (made of all the representatives of National Associations); the Meeting of Members (which gathers at least every year). Elections of the president and officers of the Board are held every 3 years.

The main documents which regulates the EAGT are: the Statutes; the Training Standards; the Code of Ethics. Special committees have been working in order to create or keep up to date these documents.

The activities of EAGT are now many. We can divide them into scientifical activities, and bureaucratic or political activities.

The main scientifical activity remains the European Conference of Gestalt Therapy, which happens every three years and is organized every time by a different institute or nation. The tradition of the first years was that the Conference was organized in the country of the president. Since 1998, we have splitted the duties of the  president from the organization of the Conference, since it had become too much work for the president to accomplish both the various normal activities and the organization of a big conference.

In the year 2000 other scientifical activities have been added. The Conference of G.t. Writers, for instance, which gathers a small group of writers, with the aim of supporting and broadcasting writing in Europe, where often the multitude of languages are an obstacle to the circulation of developments in theory and practice. Other suggestions are now coming from members to organize special meetings on supervision, for instance, or other specific themes; these meetings are in process of realization. All these activities will also constitute a solid ground for the traditional 3-yearly Conference.

         Nancy Amendt-Lyon, the chair of the Extended Board, is working to collect the bibliography of Gestalt therapy from every country  and the details of training programs of Institute members. This work will be the basis for the creation of archives of European literature and training Institutes.

 Finally, a permanent conference (or network) of  Gestalt training Institutes leaders is going to be formed, with the aim of creating an exchange of training programs and experiences, and build a common platform in Europe which will help the circulation of students and, eventually, of teachers.

At a political level, the EAGT is connected with the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). The EAGT is in fact the “European Wide Awarding Organization” and as such participates in the award of the European Certificate of Psychotherapist. The EAGT will continue to seek to support professional standards of its members all over Europe, where very different social conditions are in act, and will in the near future create a European Register of Gestalt practitioners.

Finally, a Newsletter, edited by Lars Berg, is mailed to all EAGT members in order to let them know the issues discussed in the three bodies of the Association and let them participate as much actively as possible in it.


The EAGT President,




Anyone interested in the membership criteria and the standards may obtain details from:

The EAGT Secretary: VERONIQUE VERMEIR, 79 Stelen, 2440 Geel, Belgium, fax: +32-14-580448, e.mail:

The EAGT Treasurer: BAS LOKERSE, e.mail:


The EAGT Public Relations Officer: DAAN VAN BAALEN, e.mail:


The EAGT Representative for Eastern Countries: ESTER NEUMANOVA, e.mail:





PALERMO (ITALY), OCTOBER 1-4, 1998     

 fotoe2.jpg (92222 byte)

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb and Barbro Curman  make the first cut

 in a huge cake with the shape of Sicily island. Barbro Curman will organize 

the next European Conference of Gestalt Therapy, in Sweden, in 2001.





In order to give a sense of the variety of cultures, interests, experiences shared during the Conference and of the climate, here are a few of the many messages I received after the Conference. You will also find a remark of mine, at the end. It’s part of my post-contact of this experience.
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Italy

Been over 10 months now since the 6th European conference of Gestalt therapy in Palermo but the sights and sounds of that great event are so fresh and vivid in my mind. Thank you so much for that wonderful chunk of learning, relating, experiencing. Thanks for making it (us) happen. Studies in Gestalt therapy No. 8 is a sort of memento/souvenir of that hugely successful event.
Jose A. Iligan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

When I think of you and the conference, I’m touched and grateful for what you did. The parts that stay with me most are the artful ones, the beauty of the printed materials, the charm of the staff and translators, the sun and the sea and the storms, the cannonades, the food.
Joel Latner, Pittsburg, USA

The conference was very impressive to me. I can only guess at how much work you did to make it go so smoothly. I also want to thank you and your group for your amazing generosity and hospitality. I came home laden with books, gifts and happy memories. I especially liked the chance to meet my European colleagues and get to know them on a personal basis. I found this enthusiasm for Gestalt therapy refreshing and invigorating. I came home more energized and committed to it.
Elinor Greenberg, New York, USA

Let me say how much I appreciate all the work you put in to create the conference. I’m also amazed at all the politics we are all involved in!
Norman Friedman, Flushing, USA

It was great being a part of the international community on unfamiliar ground — both in terms of being in Europe and in terms of really being able to be a participant. I’m sure I don’t know all the problems you faced behind the scenes, because from the outside, it seemed to go very smoothly. The whole ambience was very warm and welcoming. It was a very enriching experience.
Liv Eastrup, Santa Monica, USA

I would like to aknowledge you for an outstanding job at creating one of the most stimulating and exciting conferences I have ever attended. You Sicilians really know how to make guests feel at home.
Ron Alexander, Santa Monica, USA

Nancy and I are back from our adventure in Italy following the EAGT conference in Palermo, all of which was phenomenal and wonderful.
Ansel Woldt, Kent, USA

I’ve just returned from the wonderful EAGT conference in Sicily, where I renewed friendships, enjoyed the stimulation of Gestalt ideas, and experienced anew my optimism about Gestalt therapy’s future influence on the field of psychotherapy. No other approach has such a comprehensive and experience-near theory or such powerful methods as gestalt does!
Sylvia Crocker, Laramie, USA

This is both to thank you and to express my admiration for everything you did — briefly: for being completely yourself — at the congress in Palermo. There was so much excitement, goodwill and interest, I was positively amazed.
Michael Tophoff, Limmen, Holland

I would like to express my admiration for the wonderful organization of the EAGT conference. I think that you and your colleagues did an exceptional job there. I know how difficult this can be, even more with so many different languages, but everything was done so smoothly, in a colleagual spirit, and everybody from the organizational team was so friendly and helpful that I cannot recall a single unpleasant situation. Thanks to you and everybody who has contributed to this marvellous result! My colleagues and I agree that this conference was a very important and informative experience for us. We have learnt a lot, had the opportunity to meet a lot of people with whom we had been in contact only via e.mail before, came to know a lot of new interesting people and to establish some meaningful contacts.
Gerhard Stemberger, Vienna, Austria

I want to congratulate with you for the big success of the EAGT conference. It was perfect! I’m very accustomed to international conferences (about 2 or 3 every year, since 30 years!) and I can assure you that it was one of the best in all my life: very well organized, a balanced schedule, clear information, many interesting panels and workshops, warm atmosphere, nice evenings, magnificient area, etc.
Serge Ginger, Paris, France

I would like to thank you for the glorious time we had in Palermo. The conference will be of great support for the development of Gestalt therapy in Macedonia.
Biljana Koprova, Skopic, Macedonia

Compliments for the organization and the atmosphere you were able to create. It made us all forget the labour that Gestalt therapy has been going trough in Italy and, as I understand, all over.
Riccardo Mancusi, Marco Tosello, Enrico Viggiano, Napoli, Italy

What a wonderful conference! I hope you are still hearing all the applause and cheering for the wonderful job you did.
My husband and I enjoyed ourselves totally in your beautiful country and were very stimulated by the conference.
Penny Backman, Portland, USA

Personally, I’m all exhausted after so many rich and exciting experiences from panels, workshops, minilectures and group process. But, in fact, mostly from all that connected every event with the others - a true process of life with plenty of room for unexpected encounters; outwards as well as within. I will continue to chew my experiences for a long time.
Lars Berg, Stockholm, Sweden

To stay with the unintrojectability of our theory gives us, Gestalt therapists, a special spirit in the world of psychotherapies. We allow the fertile caos to happen in our selves, and a dancing star always comes out from that. Two things of the conference in Palermo move me in particular. One is the memory of the children who were there, with a lot of space and acceptance from the whole environment. When I was running from one place to the other, the experience of seeing so many of our children perfectly included in the context, although not disturbing the conference process, always moved me and gave me strenght. It seemed to me like one of the best metaphors of the conference. The other memory I cherish is the final choral moment of the conference, the song we sang waving our linked hands, the final expression of the power that comes from the ground, from the group process.
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Siracusa, Italy

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