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La prima scuola di psicoterapia della Gestalt in Italia dal 1979
Direttore: Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb


TrInt: Gestalt Therapy Approach to Psychopathology and
Contemporary Disturbances (third edition)

da 19/11/2014 a 20/03/2016, Roma

Two Years International
Training Program
2014-2016 Rome, Venice, Siracusa

Scientific Director:
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Dr. Psychol. Psychoth.

Program Coordinator:
Gianni Francesetti, Dr. Psychiatr. Psychoth.

As Gestalt therapists, how can we approach psychopathology and diagnosis?

How our theory opens new horizons on human suffering and contemporary disturbances?

How the understanding of clinical issues is enhanced by our radical contact -boundary perspective?

How this changes our daily practice in supporting people who suffer?

This International Training offers the possibility to explore main clinical issues throughout the Gestalt therapy theory and to find new keys to understand and support specific kinds of suffering. This exploration will provide a paradigmatic method in approaching psychopathology and diagnosis and connecting them to the clinical practice and to the wider social field.

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